Past Editions

Since 2018

"Did you know? HaBaWaBa Spain was born in Barcelona during the 2018 European Championships"

The first edition of HaBaWaBa Spain was successfully held in the summer of 2018 in Barcelona. Since then, the event has expanded, and currently, two annual HaBaWaBa Spain tournaments are organized. The first one takes place in January in Lloret de Mar and is open to participants under 14 years old. The second event is held during the Easter break in Tarragona and is open to participants under 10 and under 12 years old.

u10 and u12 

It all started in Barcelona 2018

2018 - Barcelona
2019 - Reus
2021 - Tarragona
2022 - Tarragona
2023 - Tarragona
2024 - Coming soon!


HaBaWaBa Spain Plus was born in 2023

2023 - Lloret
2024 - Coming soon!