DECATHLON-WATKO, new technical partner of HaBaWaBa Spain


WATKO is DECATHLON's in-house brand specialized in water polo

Great news for the third edition of HaBaWaBa Spain. WATKO will provide all the technical equipment necessary for the development of the Festival, after an agreement reached between the organization and DECATHLON's own water polo brand.

WATKO's main contribution will be through three important elements for the proper development of the event. First of all, the four fields of play, with an innovative design and perfectly adapted to the measures established by HaBaWaBa.

Secondly, the caps, which will have a special look for the occasion and are a key identifying element of HaBaWaBa. And finally, the balls, an essential element so that all participants can enjoy water polo.

DECATHLON, in charge of the fun

While the technical partner WATKO will be fully focused on aspects more linked to the competition, DECATHLON will also be present during the event to ensure that the little ones have a great time in and out of the water.

DECATHLON's main mission will be to promote sport and games through recreational and leisure spaces that will set up both in the pool and in the residence.